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At KBF even after our business hours are over, accessibility is only a click away. Our premier e-print procurement program, designed for your convenience, allows for 24 hour, seven days a week print order management. This powerful, yet easy-to-use ordering process, allows automation of your entire print buying procedure. You have instant access to your own secure digital store where your company’s personalized online catalog is found, complete with onscreen visuals of your items. After order placement, you can modify and track current orders and generate history and usage reports. Set-up and implementation are quick and easy and work through a standard web browser, eliminating any need for special software to access. Your store can be set up in days, not weeks or months, and easily integrates into your own business system, resulting in both increased productivity and profitability. Call us today and allow us the opportunity to provide you a customized web site designed to make ordering and management faster and more efficient.

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